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Baba's and Amma's Books Experience

Baba's and Amma's Books Experience

Water & Fire
Can water cause fire? In material world not, but in spiritual meaning...

Many years ago, may be ten or more, when I found Baba's teachings I realised, that is the Wisdom, which world needs now. I realised that He is Buddha of our times fixing all faults in understanding of knowledge after thousands years. Reading more and more, by time, arouses great fillings of gratitude within me for every word He say. Whenever I open His discourse tears stands in my eyes. Latter it was even I touch His book it happened. I prayed to Him to console me, because I'd like to read something at least. Tears were stopped. After so many years, now, not just tears, but river of emotions and tears appears while reading Amma's books. But now looks like Lord asks me to do not cry, because He can do nothing. He shows me "even don't try pray for this". He can stop bhakti tears, but can't stop Prema tears.

About month ago, being more used to Amma's books, I sow little flame of fire coming out from edge of page I read. It becomes stronger and quickly was on half page and then I stopped reading and close the book. It was a mental vision. I was wondered, and I sow this every time on Amma's and Baba's books (not other). I didn't understood what's going on. I though "do I look too much on candle flame while mantras chanting or meditation?" or "It can cause a real accident" but it continues for next days. At least I decided to go within and ask Lord "what is it?". Answer surprised me: "It's Jnana fire, which is awakening within you due to reading this books. It burns out your ignorance". I shared this experience with my friends and from that day vision of Jnana fire ends.

Lesson from this:
Usually we do not see this fire in Amma's and Baba's books, but it exists. It do it's job. I said, that water cause this fire. It is because just reading in palace of mind makes only bigger mind, but when bring this books into cave of heart, alive them by involving own feelings, it will awake fire of Jnana, which will burn mind with it's palace of ignorance into ashes.
Om Sai Ram.
Swami P. SaiSiwa.

Karthik's comment (close Amma's devotee):

This is sooooooooo beautiful ...
Swami had quoted Amma as Jnana Fire many times ...
You are the fortunate one to witness that ...
Also, your feelings are sooo pure .... a simple touch is bringing so much tears ... ssooooo wonderful.
Thanks for sharing.