poniedziałek, 15 grudnia 2014

Your Divine Smile - poem form Amma

Your Divine Smile  - poem form Amma (29.08.2010)

One day You said to us
You will not come again.
But who will allow you to come, 
Knowing your today pain?
So I will carry Your task
I will do all the rest
Showing Your Prema path
Until all times end

That's Bodhisattva's ways
That's Bodhisattva's promise
To empty all samsara worlds
And Bring all at Feet of Yours

So who I m? I do not know.
I'm a flower at Your Lotus Feet
I will gather million souls like me
Or cut myself for that battles need

But just from time to time
We need one small thing, of course
Your blissful Divine Smile
To renew our tired souls.

So we could come again and again
Refreshed like wanars army
After their heavy battle 
When Rama was smiling.

Swami P. SaiSiwa