poniedziałek, 15 grudnia 2014

Raja and Prema dance - vision

Raja and Prema dance - vision 30.08.2010

When I was reading about Prema and Raja, how they joyfully play in Swarga I got thirst to come there and bow down to their Lotus Feet.  At the beginning I started with spontaneous visualisation with that thirst. When I sow Them in my internal space and bowed down touching Their Divine Feet, and suddenly arouses feeling in me to become a footrest, to have Their Feet always on me. I thought "all my sin, adharma and imperfection will be vanished in that way, I will always be in ananda and bliss". From that moment everything was changed into vision beyond my control. I become footrest, but as cylinder of bark, totally empty inside, with no wood. Divine feet started happily dance on me making beautiful music, which was spread through endless space. They where sitting and look on each other with great joy, and dance by their Divine Feet on me. I felt their beautiful feelings for each other, so I said: "I don't want to be empty, I want to have feelings for both of You". And then I heard: "you have to be empty to make the sound from you strong, to travel that sound as far as it can. You turned everything within you into feelings for Me, so when I immersed your dedicated feelings into Me nothing left, and you become empty." Joyful dance was continued till end of vision.

This vision was sent to Amma and comfirmed by Amma as true.

Swami P. SaiSiwa